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Are you ready to pitch your startup? First, make sure you are a good fit. What makes a good fit? We look at scalable, tech-enabled startups. That could be software as a service or an online marketplace. It might involve e-commerce for a product line. We do not look at brick-and-mortar businesses that rely on retail space to reach customers, franchisees, or personal services that can't be scaled. 

Next, does your company create positive social, economic, and/or environmental impact at its core? In other words, is the primary purpose of the company to address one or more of these areas? Does your company culture and leadership subscribe to principles of diversity, equity,  and inclusion? Equally important, does your company have high potential for outsized returns?

Finally, do you have a cohesive pitch and pitch deck that include your market size, revenue model, and go-to-market strategy?

If you can say, yes, you align in these ways, please complete the submission form below. If we agree there is a good fit at this time, you will receive an invitation for a live conversation. 

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