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DiverseCity Ventures is pleased to offer the following entity formation resources with our affiliate, Northwest Registered Agent.

This resource allows companies to incorporate in any state including Delaware and California. We chose to partner with this provider for the following reasons:

  • Easy turn-key process incorporation and RA services can be bundled or purchased separately

  • Exceptional customer service (call and talk to a real person without hold times or frustrating phone trees)

  • Extensive guides on intricacies of entity formation in each state, including tax benefits / ramifications

  • Convenient online access to documents and rapid notifications

  • Easy access to complimentary products and services such as:​​

  • Corporate binders and seals

  • Stock certificates

  • Mail forwarding

  • Phone numbers

  • Annual filing services

  • Fair, competitive pricing

  • Much more...

If you plan to raise venture capital, the standard requirement is Delaware incorporation. Please consult with your attorney, a CPA, or do your own diligence to understand how Delaware calculates annual tax based on outstanding shares and share price. You may use this service to incorporate as a foreign entity in the state where your operations take place. Consult with the Secretary of State for rules (e.g., California).* 

2 Day Delaware Incorporation for $389 includes:

  • Registered Agent Service (all documents scanned & uploaded with instant email notification)

  • Custom Articles of Incorporation

  • Corporate Resolutions

  • Delaware Corporate Bylaws

  • Delaware Stock Certificates

RA Delaware office address for:

  • Your registered office

  • Your principle address

  • Your mailing address

  • Your incorporator address


A Delaware corporation is formed by submitting a Certificate of Incorporation to the Delaware Division of Corporations and paying a minimum $89 incorporation fee (total fee depends upon authorized capital). A DE incorporation can be done by mail or fax, but cannot be done online. A Certificate of Incorporation lists the name of your DE corporation, your registered agent information, and the amount of authorized stock. It does not list the names and addresses of your directors or officers. Every Delaware corporation must pay an annual franchise tax, which is based upon the amount of authorized stock.

What will it cost to incorporate in Delaware?

$89 Delaware certificate of incorporation filing fee (this is subject to changes by the state).

There is a $9 fee to file more than one page.

What does  Delaware incorporation service include?

DE incorporation filing service includes:

  • Drafting custom articles for a Delaware corporation

  • The Delaware incorporator initial resolution for a corporation

  • Ratified Delaware corporate bylaws

  • The state of Delaware incorporation filing fees.

  • Delaware registered agent service.

  • Service fees are: $100 for Delaware incorporation service and $125 for Delaware registered agent.


You will receive access to the proper documents, certificates, articles, and bylaws you will need in order to properly and legally run your business within your respective state. When starting a corporation, it is important to make sure that you have filled out and filed the correct forms needed — these requirements vary depending on where you decide to incorporate. With the forms provided, you can get a solid start on creating and maintaining your corporation. 

Step 1: Corporation Organizational Forms

Articles of Incorporation for your corporation in any state.
An official certificate designed specifically for forming corporations in Delaware.


Step 2: Initial Shareholder Organizational Meeting Forms

Step 3: Initial Officer and Director Organizational Meeting Forms

Step 4: Corporation EIN Number and Taxation Election

Step 5: Open a Corporate Bank Account

Ongoing as Needed Meeting Minute Templates
  • Shareholder Meeting

  • Board of Directors Meeting

  • Corporate Resolution

  • Shareholder Resolution

  • Board of Director Resolution

  • Waiver Shareholder Special Meeting

  • Ongoing Annual Meeting Minute Templates

  • Waiver Shareholder Annual Meeting

  • Waiver Directors Annual Meeting

* Resources listed on this page do not constitute legal opinion or legal advise. Please consult with an attorney to determine if these resources should be modified or reviewed to accommodate the unique needs of your company. 

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